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Voice Lessons Bay Shore NY

Welcome to The Academy: Music and Arts Long Island, where you will be treated as if you are the only student we have, all the time. We give voice lessons at our school or in the convenience of your own home located in the greater Bay Shore area.

Deciding to look into taking voice lessons is a pretty big step. Whether you’re here as a parent looking for a vocal teacher for your child, you’re someone who has always wanted to learn how to sing but could never find the time until now, or if you’re a vocal student looking to switch voice teachers, we congratulate you.

Though we are very, very good at what we do, we don’t like to call all of the shots when it comes to customizing voice lessons for our students. We want to know what makes our students tick – is it a particular style of music, like rock or jazz? Is there an artist they want to emulate? We want to know your goals, your dreams. Do you want to enter competitions, like NYSSMA and ABRSM Royal Academy? Or are you happy just to perform for your friends in your home? No matter your situation, we have your back.

Having outstanding technique is very important in any style of singing. Vocally speaking with all styles of music, voice students are taught how to have proper breath support while increasing their range and projection, matching pitch while having excellent tonal quality, and learning how to be comfortable performing live with excellent stage presence.

We welcome students of all ages and abilities for voice lessons. We are able to accommodate all needs and physical challenges. Everyone is welcome, and can choose from 30, 45, and 60 minute lesson time slots given once per week. Which time slot works for any student will vary on a case by case basis depending on skill level and experience, as well as the volume of material a piano student wishes to work with. Feel free to consult one of our university trained piano educators for any questions you may have regarding the recommended lesson length for you.

We offer many services, like our varying recitals. We have recitals that are both public and private. Our public recitals are available to all of our students, and are held many times throughout the year. Our private recitals are held only for juniors and seniors in high school who request them – because they are designed for voice students who will be applying to college and need a professionally recorded performance to submit. We allow the student to invite friends and family, and we record the performance for them.

For very small children not yet ready for one on one voice instruction, we have group classes geared toward preschool students that can help gently lead them into vocal lessons when they turn 7. In these classes they have the opportunity to socialize with other children of a similar age while they learn about the basics of musical notes and rhythm, try out several small instruments, dance, sing, use art supplies and more. For more information click here: https://theacademylongisland.com/preschool-music-classes/

Private Voice Lessons Bay Shore Fees

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Note: All fees must be paid by pre-authorized debit or pre-authorized credit cards at time of registration.

All tuition payments are made by and accepted by pre-authorized debit from bank or checking account, pre-authorized credit, or pre-authorized debit cards only. Credit cards, Debit cards and cash are not accepted for individual in-person payments for lessons each month.

Tuition fees subject to change.