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Is there anything more elegant, more soothing to the ear, more refined, than the sound of the piano? When you hear one play, the beautiful twinkling of the keys is unmistakable. Here at The Academy: Music and Arts Long Island, we are enthusiastic – No. We’re borderline obsessed with spreading the joy of piano playing as far and wide as possible. We offer piano lessons Nesconset at our school or in your home in the Nesconset area. Whether you just decided to mess around with the theme to Heart and Soul, have just turned five, are about to play your first piano concert or you’re entering your fiftieth competition, we want you. It doesn’t matter what age, what ability level you’re at. It doesn’t matter what needs you have or challenges you may face. We think you’d make an excellent fit in our school all the same.

We’re passionate about our craft, and that’s why we’ve decided to recruit the best in the business to teach our piano lessons. We have teachers – grown, educated, highly skilled teachers who can conduct a piano lesson with the finesse of a master sculptor, molding the clay ever so carefully. We treat every student as if they are our only student. We shape our piano lessons according to the student they are for. We want to know: Are you interested in classical? Blues? Are you more into Jazz, or pop? Or have you been a Billy Joel fan your entire life and want to focus on Rock? We love hearing about our students’ unique desires and goals, and we love helping them to meet and realize them even more.

Teen Having Piano Lessons Ronkonkoma
Teen Having Piano Lessons Nesconset

Our teachers are top notch (some of them even have their Masters in Childhood Ed, but don’t tell them we told you – they blush easily), but believe it or not, that’s not all we have to offer. We offer piano lessons Nesconset both at our Studio, AND we’ll come to your home in the greater Nesconset area for a small additional fee. Our lessons come in 30 minute  (beginner), 45 minute (beginner-intermediate), and 60 min (intermediate-advanced) lengths*. We offer recitals several times per year, so you can showcase your hard work and talent to all of your friends and family. Be sure to go to our main piano lessons Nesconset page to register and enroll for piano lessons today! https://theacademylongisland.com/piano-lessons/

*Feel free to consult your instructor for the right time slot for you.

If you’re preparing for something a little more challenging, we can help you shine like you’ve never shined before. High school students getting ready to begin college auditions can have a private recital, professionally recorded, in the company of friends and family. We specialize in helping our students achieve so that they can arrive at the National Piano Guild, NYSSMA, and the ABRSM Royal Academy exam with top marks.

We offer preschool age music classes for our students in training, ages 2-4. These are small group instruction classes with a fun and snazzy curriculum meant to help children socialize and discover their first musical moments. They will dance. They will sing. They will play games involving rhythm and musical notation. They will use small instruments for the first time. They’ll even explore watercolor and other art materials. Little ones who take our preschool class are more than prepared to start private lessons once they turn five (but after experiencing the fun of these classes, they may never want to grow up!)

It can’t be stressed enough – no matter what your age or skill level, you need a good piano. You need a piano that isn’t 100+ years old. You need a piano that has been tuned properly. Don’t go on Craigslist for a piano, it’s a complete waste of time. You need a piano that has been tuned in the last six months and was made in the last 50 years, give or take. A piano is an investment, sure, but one that will pay off for years to come. Once you start taking piano lessons, you have to start to think of yourself as a professional musician. Professional musicians care about their instruments so, so much because that’s what they do. You may not be a professional, but you do want to look at your instrument as if you are a professional. Care for it. Ask questions. Be choosy! You will thank yourself later, because you will have a much easier time learning if the instrument is up to par. If you haven’t yet bought a piano for your home, Frank and Camille’s is a great place to start looking www.frankandcamilles.com.

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All tuition payments are made by and accepted by pre-authorized debit from bank or checking account, pre-authorized credit, or pre-authorized debit cards only. Credit cards, Debit cards and cash are not accepted for individual in-person payments for lessons each month.

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